The Worlds Best Vanilla Perfume? Our Customers Say So!

Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil, our anchor product, is a French Vanilla based perfume oil with a light, clean, fresh fragrance.
I absolutely Love The Oil Perfume! I can't Live Without it. I go through about 1 roller a month and I get tons of compliments on it. The Scent lasts all day and smells a little different on everyone. It is clean and fresh smell and people always pick up the scent of vanilla and lavender in it. I highly recommend it! I've lost count on how many years I've been using it.

Susita Hood
II have been wearing this for many, many years. It is light, fresh and heavenly. Start your day with a refreshing shower using Nightingale Spirit shower gel. Moisturize your skin with the body lotion or body butter. Then dab the perfume on for a wonderful layered aroma. You'll have people stop you and ask, "What are you wearing, I love it!"

Cat Rau Hockridge
II met Kimberly Nightingale about ten years ago.  I attended a craft fair in Concord NH.
As I walked through the door I could smell this most wonderful fragrance.  Needed to fine it.  This very attractive woman was selling her products.  Smelling like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Since then I have become a loyal customer and wear nothing but Nightingale Spirit for a fragrance.
Over the weekend I ran into a young friend of mine and hugged him.  He thought it was the most wonderful  fragrance and recognize the vanilla in the perfume.  I do share Kimberly’s   name with anyone who has asked me about Kim’s products.
This product is one I never plan to give up!  Thank you Kimberly !  You are this best!!!

Winnie Francias
Welcome To Nightingale Spirit Home of The Best Vanilla Perfume
Spread the love…and the glorious scent of Nightingale Spirit and the home of the worlds best vanilla perfume!!!

We offer a complete line of natural beauty and skin care products that are designed to wear independently or layered for a deeper, richer experience.

All of our wonderful, hand-crafted products are scented with Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil. A sophisticated French Vanilla blended with the essential oils of Anise, Lavender and Peppermint and combined with Smoky Ambergris and Sweet Patchouli creates a perfectly balanced, splendid fragrance that is described as fresh, clean and gentle.
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Nightingale Spirt Vanilla Perfume
Nightingale Spirit Whipped Cream
French Vanilla Perfume
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Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil, our anchor product, is a French Vanilla based perfume oil with a light, clean, fresh fragrance.

Next is our best selling Whipped Moisturizing Cream which is fragranced with our French Vanilla based oil and is a wonderful emollient moisturizing cream used for rough, dry skin or as a facial night cream.

The Silky Vanilla Scented Lotion  is a soothing, hydrating, lotion designed to use after your bath or shower.

Speaking of showers, try our Bath and Shower Gel, a  Vanilla scented body wash  which is perfect for gently starting your day or winding down.

Our Talcum free body powder is made with Arrowroot and Cornstarch laced with our signature fragrance, Nightingale Spirit, a French Vanilla based perfume oil.

Our Body Polishing Sugar Scrub is an  essential oil sugar scrub  designed to exfoliate, moisturize and scent the skin.

The Dead Sea Bath Salts blend is a mixture of Pacific and Dead Sea Salts for soothing away the cares of the day.


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