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We have all heard about recycling for many years now however I wonder how many people  actually choose to spend that itty-bitty amount of time and the smidgen of inconvenience required to do your part. I have found that the tipping point in being an awesome recycler is

  • Awareness of the problem
  • Finding suitable ways to recycle
  • Creating a system that works for you

Here at Nightingale Spirit we recycle in as many ways as possible. When we receive raw product shipments we use all boxes to reship if possible. The internal packaging is reused such as  the  styrofoam peanuts (which I abhor), and all paper and bubble wrap . If I receive a shipment from a company that uses cornstarch peanuts I make a point of contacting them to say ‘thank you’ for their environmental responsibility. We also reuse plastic shopping bags for additional padding, newspapers and any paper packaging sent to us. The only ‘new’ paper we use is a sheet of tissue paper that is made from recycled paper. We include a note saying that we recycle everywhere we are able and to please join us.

The cobalt blue containers that we use to bottle our products  are recyclable at the recycle center or they can be reused. We use a small vinyl label which can be removed (and recycled in the plastics bin) so no glue residue remains.

For purchases at our shows we use off-white (no bleach) paper bags that have been made with post consumer recycled paper in which we insert a sheet of tissue (see above). People often comment on how pretty our packaging is. I make a point of telling them about our efforts so perhaps they can add to the cumulative effect.

We attempt to obtain our orders in ways that reduce our carbon foot print through fuel usage, location of our suppliers and assessing what their philosophy is in regard to protecting the environment.

Our operation is very cognizant of how to reuse office supplies and we print using ‘recycled’ ink….if we HAVE to print. In today’s age of instant messaging, email, text, FB and all forms of social media it is rare that we need to actually print something!!!

For anything that needs to actually be thrown away we are blessed to have a ‘one point bin’ in which all plastics, paper and metal can be thrown without separating them.

I know there are numerous ways to recycle, reuse, repurpose, remake, remix and redo so feel free to share your special environmental nugget with us!!! I also want to thank all of you who go the extra mile in being good stewards of our planet.

I will end with a little story. I was walking recently with a friend that I have known close to 25 years. I stopped to pick up a styrofoam cup and was looking for a trash can to put it in. She started chuckling and said that my action reminded her of something that I had said to her many years ago.  She said….’Years ago you and I were walking down a street and I was complaining about all of the trash on the side walk and kicking it out of the way and going on and on about how irresponsible and disrespectful people are about Mother Earth. You looked at me, Kimberly, and said “I don’t see you picking  up the trash that you are complaining about.” It stopped me right in my tracks!’

Certainly the moral of that story is to be part of the solution not part of the problem. So what if you weren’t the one littering, just pick it up, dispose of it properly  and know that I would say a heartfelt ‘thank you’  if I saw you in action!!!

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