About Us

History or Her-Story!

I am constantly asked whatever possessed me to make my own perfume when there are sooooooooooooooooooo many to choose from. So, here is the back story…

In the late 90’s, I grew frustrated with the rising cost of my favorite fragrance which I had worn for 30+ years. So, I chose to opt out of buying it. My frustration increased as I searched for a replacement fragrance that was light, fresh and natural as well as moderately priced (which to me means in the $40-$60 range) to no avail. I then thought I would go “scentless”. However, I really did miss wearing a nice fragrance. Never one to be thrown by a challenge, I decided to be my own perfumer.

I’m not sure what talents one needs to create a fragrant composition. The fact that I am a really awesome cook (according to my family and friends!) who seems to know inherently what spices and herbs work best together and that I have a “finely honed” sense of smell probably were contributing factors to my fragrance creation. I had a variety of essential oils that were left over from a women’s convention that I had assisted with, so I started playing the “mad scien-tessa”. I mixed and matched, gagged and coughed, tweaked and prayed until I hit on a formula that truly delighted me. It took me 2 years to accomplish this as occasionally (okay, quite often!!) I would mix together oils that were rather repulsive so I had to give my “sniffer” ample recovery time!!

During this time, I was active in real estate and my community. I was constantly around people and asked “What perfume are you wearing?”, to which I would reply that it was something I mixed myself. The next statement was invariably, “You need to sell that!”, which I then poo-pooed and responded, “No way, unh-uh, I sell houses – not perfume.” It took 3 years of very strong encouragement before my resistance broke and I accepted that I did indeed have a significant product. I began offering my signature fragrance, Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil at craft shows and on the internet and, as they say, the rest is history or should I say “her-story”!

Our Mission

The Mission of Nightingale Scents  is to aggressively market and sell its products while remaining cognizant of using Nightingale Scents for the betterment of individuals through career opportunities, the outreach cottage industry and charitable donations.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Nightingale Scents is to serve others with a spirit of harmony and kindness, to recognize each individual as unique and special and to generously give back to the universe.

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